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  • Service
    WNHF provides exemplary customer service to donors through stewardship and servitude meeting their needs.

  • Quality
    WNHF is an essential partner with William Newton Hospital, providing significant resources that make a profound difference in quality healthcare for all members of our community.

  • People
    WNHF targets its resources to a select number of strategically important core programs, and identifies key solicitation methods and giving options that are compelling to donors.

  • Finance
    WNHF increases its capacity to raise significant charitable funds for operating, capital, and endowment needs of William Newton Hospital.

  • Growth
    WNHF promotes the image and branding of William Newton Hospital through strategic communications that increase public awareness of William Newton Hospital as a quality, not-for-profit hospital and an essential resource for our community.


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Hospital & Foundation History

Founded on philanthropy, William Newton Memorial Hospital (WNH) opened its doors in 1927. The 51-bed hospital enjoyed the next 45 years of big hospitals, advances in medicine and physician directed healthcare. Hospitals now operate without the luxury of reserves and in a climate of strict regulation. Healthcare philanthropy fills an important gap for hospitals across the nation.


As a result of the first ever capital campaign in the history of WNH, the William Newton Healthcare Foundation was formed in 2007. The Foundation provides philanthropic support to advance the mission of William Newton Hospital and enhance the quality of life in our community.


William Newton could not have foreseen the impact of his visionary gift. The simple, unassuming harness maker's legacy lives on today in the faces of our elders & in the heart beat of our children.

William Newton's Legacy

William Newton, was a simple man. English born and orphaned at a young age, William's virtues of thrift, integrity, and hard work guided him throughout his life.


He was a harness maker; a trade learned on the Plains of the Midwest. William opened a saddle and harness shop in Winfield in 1876 with his wife Mary Virginia and, over the course of the next 47 years, acquired considerable means.

William & Mary Virginia never had any children. At the time of his death in 1923, William's Last Will & Testament provided the foundation of his Legacy and the future of healthcare in our community.


William Newton gave to the city the remains of his estate to be used for the construction of a public hospital. In return, the City of Winfield would maintain his cemetery lot.